Each year, as the weather cools down, people all around the world begin to celebrate their respective holidays. In order to ensure that you’ll have a great thanksgiving, or any winter holiday, make sure you follow these rules! Our guide will outline what to do and what not to do to have a pet-friendly thanksgiving or holiday.


Keep the food away from pets!

It may be tempting to give your animal a quick snack of human food. However, you should avoid doing that! There are many popular ingredients or foods that could harm your pets. Some examples are foods high in fat, and others like chocolate, garlic, and onions. A little piece of turkey is usually OK but check with your vet about your specific pet first.


Make a safe space for your pets.

Sometimes pets can be overwhelmed by even a few guests outside your normal household. Hopefully you are keeping your holidays small this year! Even without guests, some pets can be overwhelmed by all the noise of making and serving food. Make sure to set up their bed or kennel in an area quiet enough for them to relax. Every pet-friendly thanksgiving has a calm and comfortable spot for pets to rest.


Snacks and distractions.

Food and toys can be lifesavers during stressful situations for pets! Make sure during the holiday to keep some treats (made for your specific type of animal) close by, and the same goes for toys. Treats can be given to pets to lower stress levels, and toys can be used to burn energy and lower stress as well.


Most importantly: NO BONES!

No matter how much you want your dog or similar pet may want a bone, do not give them cooked animal bones. Some uncooked bones are dangerous as well, ones that are smaller and thinner. Bones, especially cooked ones, can break and cause a lot of harm to your pets mouths, throats, and stomachs. Just keep the bones for broth or toss them out. In order to have an extra pet-friendly thanksgiving, you can take trash out right away in case your pets like to dig through trash.


We hope you enjoy your holidays!

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