November has begun, and with colder weather comes a familiar feeling: the desire to get cozy. Every November, National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, shelters and rescues all around the country encourage many pet lovers to give older animals a chance to get cozy in their homes. Keep reading to find out why you should consider an older pet, too!


Senior pets are often lonely.

Firstly, when senior pets come into shelters and rescues, they are usually there for different reasons than other pets. Most of the time, older pets are brought in due to owner death, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. When these pets have been with their owners for so long, they will show signs of grief and can become very lonely. Adopting or fostering a senior pet is a great way to help a pet in need of a little extra love.


Senior pets are usually trained.

Secondly, older animals that are brought into shelters and rescues aren’t usually homeless before being brought in. Senior pets normally spend a majority of their lives with their previous owners. Their owners most likely trained their pets with basic commands (like potty training). This is a perfect situation for someone who wants a pet but does not have the time or capability of training a young animal. Older pets are often calmer, housetrained, and socialized.


Adopting a senior pet can save their life!

Lastly, senior pets are more likely to end up stuck in a shelter or rescue for long amounts of time. This doesn’t bode well for their life expectancy, health, or happiness. Shelters can be exhausting for even the most happy and playful animals. Older pets struggle more with getting adopted, and this can lead to some places choosing to euthanize these pets if they are not adopted soon enough. By choosing to adopt a senior pet, you can help save the life of a pet in need, and you might find that you love them just as much or more than a younger pet.


This month, consider adopting a senior pet into your home. You never know when you might meet an animal that fits into your life, and maybe an older animal is exactly what you need. Give them a safe, warm, and happy home for the holidays and beyond.

Old pets need care, too!

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