Check out Kit!
Longer haired, soft tuxedo fluffball with a little white markings on his face. His coat is uber soft and he loves snuggling up next to you to share. Little white socks to match his outfit. Kit often likes to relax with his tongue out a little just to show you he’s not too serious.
Kit is a spunky, outspoken dude who likes to explore, get into trouble, and then enjoy some end-of-the-day pets. He is fairly independent – Proud of his non-clingy “I’ll cuddle when I want” attitude but is happy to put that aside for play time or treats. Kit has shown strong affection for the adult cat he lives with and would love a buddy to be independent with. Kit needs a little time meeting new faces, and probably significant time and patience with meeting any dogs.
Kit is available for adoption from Yolo SPCA. Their contact is 530-902-6264 or