Giving a pet a second chance at love and a forever home is priceless. Homeless pets that need help exist around the globe. International pet adoption organizations are dedicated to saving as many as possible.


International Pet Adoption organizations are focused on saving homeless pets. I does not matter where they are around the world. These organizations are also strong advocates for education. They help with spaying and neutering, community outreach, and other life-saving initiatives. This is all done in their quest to end the homeless pet population and needless animal suffering. Pet adoption does so much good! Keep reading to see how you can help.


Organizations: International Pet Adoption

Firstly, there are a number of these organizations around the world, many of which are run by selfless and dedicated volunteers. At the heart of each one is a goal to rescue and save pets who are sick, helpless, neglected, unwanted, and even abandoned. 


Below are a few of these incredible organizations and their specific focus and mission.

Touted as “the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization,” the North Shore Animal League America is located in Port Washington, New York. Their international rescue department collaborates with organizations in Beijing, Thailand, Russia, and more. They work on saving pets from around the globe and giving them better, forever homes. Since 1944, the Animal League has saved over 1.1 million animals!

Next, SPCA International. Since 2006, SPCA International is dedicated to “advancing the safety and well-being of animals” around the world. They are focused on developing, and expanding a worldwide network. This is done to support local, independent animal groups for a greater impact. They also created Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide for U.S. military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The International Rescue Program is a part of the Love and Second Chances Rescue. This rescue works to save dogs wherever they are located. The program is set up to benefit both local and international dogs. This includes breed-specific dogs being killed abroad which are in high demand here in the United States including:

  • Golden Retrievers
  • Afghan Hounds
  • French Bulldogs
  • Formosan Mountain Dogs and more


Last but not least, International Animal Rescue. A global organization based in London. They rescue dogs, cats, and wildlife; including  orangutans, slow lorises, and more. IAR also specializes in the placing of these rescued animals. First, they are placed into experienced homes, and rehabilitation. Then they are released back into the wild. They also work on  species conservation. 


International Pet Adoption: How Can You Help?

Lastly, you don’t need to adopt to help! Not able to add another pet to your household? Below are 5 ways you can support International Pet Adoption.


  1. Virtually Adopt a Rescued Animal.
    If your home is full, consider virtually adopting a rescued animal of your choice! Imagine adopting an Armenian bear or a howler monkey troop. You can know you are keeping them safe! They will be healthy and happy for the rest of their life at the rescue.
  2. Volunteer Your Time.
    Help with office work, events and fundraisers (when they resume), home checks, transports, and more! The time you donate helps the organization do more. Then they can rescue more deserving animals!
  3. Have a Fundraiser.
    Host a COVID-safe community fundraiser using an activity you love doing! Get creative and gather donations from a race, bake sale, car wash, or a Facebook birthday fundraiser! Non-profit organizations have been hit hard by Covid-19 and the inability to hold fundraisers in person. Your efforts and funds can make a huge difference!
  4. Include a Rescue Organization in Your Will.
    Leave a legacy behind in supporting an international pet adoption organization. You can change your original will to include a gift or use a codicil to make an amendment.
  5. Buy products.
    Purchase from these organizations to help support their efforts. Need a gift? Use your spending power at International Animal Rescues and Pet Adoption organizations!
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