Considering adopting a kitten or a puppy? Pet adoption is serious business! Once you have brought home that adorable little bundle of fur, what is next? Keep reading to learn the basics, step-by-step. 

Pet adoption can be such a fun challenge. If you have the time and dedication, it is so worth it! Whether you adopt a puppy or a kitten, always remember they are little furry balls with unlimited energy. They have never-ending curiosity as they explore and learn about their new world – especially through their noses and mouths. 

Firstly, always keep your new pet safe and protected with crates and baby gates (for puppies). Or, in closed-off rooms (both kittens and puppies). This is needed to protect them from unfriendly (and potentially dangerous) things! Items like electrical wires, plants, open toilets, open doorways, people food, medications/dental floss, cleaning products, string/yarn, decorations, items containing xylitol, and more.

It only takes a second for a young puppy or kitten to get themselves into serious trouble. Pet-proof their new environment before they come home!


Step-by-Step: The Vet

Take your new canine or feline to a local vet right after adoption. If you do not have a vet, ask other pet owners for recommendations. Pet adoption, depending on where you are getting your pet from, may include some necessary vaccinations. Your first appointment for your new kitten or puppy should include:

  1. A thorough examination.
  2. Proper vaccinations.
  3. Nutritional information (food and snacks).
  4. Scheduling their spay or neuter.


Step-by-Step: Daily Routines & Housebreaking

You are now your kitten or puppy’s teacher and leader. Pets thrive with a regular schedule or routine. Be sure to create a routine you can consistently provide around any work or school schedules. Feeding times, exercise and housebreaking/potty breaks need to be done around the same time every day. 

If you cannot consistently provide a regular schedule for your new kitten or puppy (or even older pets), hire a professional pet sitter to maintain the daily routine for happy, well-balanced and safe pets. We can help!

Step-by-Step: Crate Training

Pet adoption will include take a lot of training! Effective crate training is priceless with housebreaking a new puppy (and even a kitten or older cat with sudden elimination problems). It also gives them a safe, secure space when you will not be home. Never use the crate as punishment or negatively. With lots of patience, praise and rewards, you can be rest assured your new puppy or kitten is safe and comfortable when they are home alone. Crates also give pets a safe retreat when they feel stressed or uncomfortable. 


Step-by-Step: Training & Socialization

Remember, you are now your pet’s teacher and leader and that includes proper training and socialization! It is never too early to begin training, just make sure to keep it fun and engaging for your puppy or kitten! If you have never had a pet before, enlist the help of a local trainer or behaviorist to help you get started. 

Socialization – for both dogs and cats – should include other people, animals and experiences (sights, sounds and smells) while they are young.  Early socialization helps avoid the creation of unnecessary fears, phobias, or even anxieties. And yes, even felines should be socialized to avoid a timid, distrustful, scared, anxious, or even aggressive, cat!

Adopting a new kitty or doggy into your home is a great adventure! Start your pet off on the right paw with high-quality foods and snacks, safe and appropriate toys, a comfortable and clean bed, a pet-friendly environment, plenty of daily exercise and play, socialization, and regular grooming. By investing the hard work with your puppy or kitty, you will enjoy a well-trained, well-behaved, balanced companion for life!

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