Are you a pet owner who is also crafty or just likes to recycle/upcycle?Then this blog is for you! Create easy DIY dog and cat toys from items already in your home!

It’s a fact, pets love toys! But it can add up quickly regularly buying them from a local or even online pet store; especially if your pet destroys them!

Keep your pet entertained and mentally engaged with DIY toys you can make in your own home! If the kids are still staying at home, get them involved too! Below are just some of the DIY toys we love, go to the “Additional Reading” at the end of the blog for more great ideas!

Now, get creative and have some fun!

DIY Feline Toys

Your kitty’s best mental and physical well-being is supported and nurtured with regular daily play, especially interactive play that encourages a cat’s normal prey and chase instincts!

  • Got ribbons, yarn or even feathers, tape and a stick (10-12” long)? Create a unique cat wand for your favorite feline to chase! Or, attach a small cat toy to a wand with a fishing line and let the fun begin!


  • Have an old cat or dog stuffed toy? Give it new life by cutting a small slit, insert a few jingle bells or dried catnip and stitching it closed!

  • Drop some different ornaments, small cat toys or bells inside a deep, plastic bowl for hours of batting fun for kitty! Swap out different balls, ornaments or toys to renew your feline’s interest.


  • Don’t toss out those empty toilet paper rolls! Put treats, catnip or even balls with bells inside and fold up the sides. Toss it to your cat or dangle it from a string on a doorknob.


  • Have fallen tree limbs or branches? Make a cat tree! Be sure to include a few platforms for kitty to relax on too. Here’s a step-by-step plan.

This one is a little bit more involved, but guaranteed to be a cat pleaser! Give your feline his very own Cardboard Catscraper with stacked cardboard! Make sure this unique cat scratcher has a sturdy, larger base with a stick or dowel in the center inside for stability. Let your imagination go wild and create the shape you want!


DIY Canine Toys

Of course, we can’t forget about our adorable canines when it comes to new toys! Below are some of our favorites.

  • Old tennis balls make easy treat dispensers with just cutting a slit and inserting treats.


  • Have a dog that just loves your clothes?! Make a clothing toy YOU can feel good about! Grab two (or more) unwanted t-shirts and a pair of scissors. Cut 2-3” wide slits at the base of the shirts and then tear into perfect strips. Gather all the strips, tie off one end, braid the strips and tie off the other end when you’re done. It may be the most paw-fect toy for your dog because it smells like you!


  • We all have those socks missing their twin! Put an old water bottle into a sock and tie off the top. Many dogs love the sound of the water bottle crackling! 


  • The Tin Shell Game: Use a muffin or mini-muffin baking tin (depending on the size of your dog) and use appropriately-sized tennis balls to hide the treats! First, let your dog see and eat the treats without the tennis balls. Then cover each cup with a tennis ball for your dog to remove to get the treat! To encourage your dog to use his nose, fill only some of the cups with treats covered by balls.



Note: DIY K9 Toys For Heavy Chewers

If you have a larger dog who is an aggressive chewer, this option is for you! Braided rope toys can stand up to the heavy chewer. Much like the t-shirt DIY toy above, here we take it one more step for near-indestructibility!  

Use natural fiber ropes for your dog’s safety. Or use old denim for making braided dog toys. Click here for an easy-to-follow DIY Rope Dog Toy diagram at!


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