Should you consider fostering a pet during COVID-19 and beyond? While each person needs to make the right choice for their lifestyle and home, below are 5 indisputable reasons why you should foster a pet!


Sadly, pets find themselves homeless for many reasons and some end up waiting in rescues or shelters for a new family and home. There are an estimated 70 million stray animals in just the United States alone! Even worse, millions of unwanted pets are euthanized each year. 

“Out of every 10 dogs born, only one will have a forever home.”

(Humane Society of the United States)

Fostering a pet helps increase their chances of finding a new, forever home. Shelters and rescues have limited space, money – and time – to try to save a homeless pet.  The extra time given to a homeless pet could be the difference between life and death for that animal. 


Many of us think about dogs and cats when we hear “homeless pets.” But birds, goats, guinea pigs, horses, snakes and rabbits (and more) are also among the animals commonly found in the shelters and rescues needing new forever homes. 

Not sure if you should welcome a foster pet to your home? Need some extra motivation to foster a pet? Below are 5 irrefutable reasons to foster a homeless pet!

5 Reasons to Foster a Pet

Saving a homeless pet is the primary incentive behind fostering a pet. But here are 5 other great reasons to foster an animal in need! 

  • You Save Two Lives, Not Just One!

Not only are you saving the life of the pet you are fostering, but you also open a space for another homeless pet.


  • Pets Add Companionship and Unconditional Love to our Lives
    • It is a well-documented fact that pets innately offer comfort, support, and unfailing companionship helping to reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even loss
    • Pets can give older people/seniors a sense of purpose


  • Pets Offer Many Valuable Health Benefits
    • They help decrease stress and cortisol, the stress hormone
    • Help improve heart health and blood pressure
    • They support, nurture, and boost good emotional health
    • Can positively influence children development and help conditions like ADHD and autism 
    • They get you moving, especially dogs!


  • You Can Feel Good in Helping an Animal!

Pets often end up homeless through no fault of their own, and even sometimes through no intentional fault of their owners. By stepping up as a foster for one of these pets, you offer them a second chance at a new life! Doing good also gives our life purpose and reason and makes us feel better (physically and mentally), satisfied and grateful and even increases your life expectancy!


  • You May Fail as a Foster!

Often the same people who foster a pet end up becoming a “foster failure” and offering that pet a forever home! A win-win situation for both! Click here to read about 21 Foster Fails who became forever pet guardians!

Homeless pets depend upon people like you with huge hearts! Can you find room in your heart – and home – for a foster pet? No matter your animal preference, you will find the perfect foster pet waiting for you in your local shelter or rescue.

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