Cats love to play; especially when it encourages their natural instincts!  Keep reading about the 10 cat games you can play with your feline today.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not want to be left alone day in and day out. Cats, like all pets, need regular interaction, stimulation and exercise to stay healthy, happy and free of stress and anxiety. Cat games and other playtime activities are great for your pet! There are a variety of activities to entice your cat to play to satisfy their need for exercise and mental stimulation. Regular play also strengthens your bond with your cat while nurturing their trust and affection.

Play to the Feline Instincts

Thanks to age-old genetics, cats love to explore, stalk, chase and catch! Many cats even enjoy a good game of fetch. The secret is finding the right activities and objects your cat simply cannot resist even with common household objects. Keep toys feeling “new” by rotating them. 

10 Games to Play with Your Cat with Things You Already Have:

Cats love the sound of crumpled up paper! Bat or throw it to get kitty to chase and catch. Throw it away when play is done.


Who hasn’t seen videos of cats happily playing in boxes? Let your feline’s imagination roam with a new box while you scratch the sides! An empty paper shopping bag also works well. Do not use plastic bags due to the threat of suffocation.


Yes, there IS an app for your cat! Find and download games just for cats to your tablet and let the fun begin with moving fish, mice and more!


Click Here for 10 Tablet Apps for Your Cat from “I Heart Cats!

Ping pong/golf balls or pom poms-

Toss it in the air, against a wall or roll along the floor to engage your cat. Train your cat to “fetch” with lots of petting or yummy treats.

Feather and String Wand Toy-

 Make your own with a wand or stick, string and a feather or other small cat toy. A time-proven hit!

Strings, Ribbons and Yarn Oh My!

Cats cannot resist the instinct to chase a dragging string, ribbon or yarn. Use about 2 feet and drag across furniture or the floor. Put it away at the end of playtime so kitty doesn’t swallow it.

Hide and Go Seek-

 Encourage your cat to stalk you as you hide. Or, hide a stuffed toy under a blanket or sheet and wiggle it around to engage your cat’s attention.

The Batting Box-

 Use a shoe-box with a lid. Cut holes along the sides and on the top for your cat to get his paw inside. Place some small balls inside the box and let your cat bat them around inside!


 Give your cat something to chase and pounce on!

The Shell Game: Cat Version-

Using 3 small opaque cups, put a treat under one. Shuffle around and let your cat find the reward!


Avoid using laser pointers as they can damage your cat’s eyes. Instead, try to catch and reflect natural light with a watch, CD or other reflective item for them to chase. To avoid frustrating your cat, end the light-chasing game with a toy they can catch.

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