Our world has changed since the emergence of COVID-19. While our own lives have been greatly affected by our new “normal,” your local shelter and rescues have been hit especially hard.

Despite the current world conditions, the needs of homeless pets still must be met. Our local shelter(s) and rescues need your help more than ever!

Of course, donations and adoptions are always needed and welcomed. But what if you are not in the position to help in those ways? You still can support local shelters and rescues in other ways! 

Keep reading to learn easy and creative ways you can lend a hand to homeless pets and the organizations and people dedicated to helping them.


Shelters always need donations and supplies for the homeless animals in their charge. Elevate your efforts by asking:

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Co-workers
  4. Neighbors
  5. People at the local dog park
  6. Members of your church
  7. Local businesses and more 


To help organize and carry out:

  • A fundraiser.
  • An adoption event.
  • A bake sale, car wash or raffle.
  • Pet supply collections at your job, local supermarket, gym, club, etc. 



Most organizations rely upon volunteers and all you need is time! The following ways do not require special skills:

  • Help feed, groom and walk the homeless dogs.
  • Help clean kennels.
  • Cuddle cats and kittens. 
  • Help with transportation needs.


Have special skills you can donate? Consider helping in the following ways: 

  • Techie? Help set up or update their website, add a blog to their website, set up social media accounts. or set up an eMarketing platform!
  • Love being creative? Graphic designers, photographers, and other creatives are always in demand for creating the organization’s marketing and fundraising materials. 
  • Handyman? Help repair the shelter or build an addition. 
  • Lawyer? Offer legal guidance and advice to the organization.
  • Dog Trainer? Volunteer to train shelter dogs basic commands to encourage adoption; basics include sit, stay, and walking nicely on a leash. 
  • Office professional? Shelters and rescues always need people who know their way around an office or computer, bookkeeping, and more! Help with mailings, newsletters, data entry, blog writing, and events! These organizations all need this kind of help but can rarely afford to pay for it.  


BOGO Your Shopping!

Shopping for your own pet(s)? Buy one and get another one for a shelter! Shelters always need the same supplies you need for your pet.

  • Crates and carriers
  • Dog and cat food/treats
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys (including stuffed animals)
  • Blankets, pillows and towels
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet beds
  • Grooming supplies
  • Litter and puppy pads
  • Collars, leashes and harnesses
  • Even office supplies!


Foster a Homeless Pet!

When you foster a pet from a shelter or rescue, you create the opportunity to save another animal. You also give the fostered pet a much better chance at being seen by more people outside the shelter – increasing their chances of a forever home! 

And who knows, maybe that forever home will be with you!


Engage through Social Media!

Social media has opened the world to shelter and rescue pets who need homes. Follow and engage your local rescues and shelters and share, share, SHARE their posts about the great work they are doing and the pets who need adoption. 

Want to help your local animal shelter or rescue organization? Call them first to see what items or skills they need!

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