Our dogs love to be active! The physical and mental stimulation is a critical part of their overall well-being and happiness. But did you also know playing games with your dog is an important part of training, socializing, and bonding with your dog?

Dog Training Comes in All Forms

Fetch, Frisbee, and tug-of-war are all common games we can play with our dogs. But there are a plethora of games that not only teach important skills but also enhance the bond with your four-legged best friend! 

Keep reading to learn more. 


Learning Can – and Should – Be FUN!

How do you like to learn? Reading a foot-thick textbook? Listening to uninspired lectures that drone on? Or through a game or playing a new role? Your dog feels the same way! 

Check out the games below and make learning fun again for you and your canine.

Games by K9 Play Styles

Like people, each dog loves different kinds of games. There are 3 specific dog play styles.

  1. People-Oriented: Engaging people are a must with this play style!
  2. Object-Oriented: Balls, sticks and toys, oh my! Only their favorite object will do even if they play alone!
  3. Task-Oriented: This play style thrives on getting the job done! 

Below we have listed games your pup will love to play based on their individual play style! Some dogs overlap the 3 play styles, but it is all about engaging your dog in acceptable and fun outlets of play they enjoy!

People-Oriented Games

Typical Breeds: Toy, Working, Herding & Sporting

Object-Oriented Games
  • Find It
  • Snuffle Mat with dry food or treats. Make your own with directions from The Honest Kitchen.
  • Fetch
    • Use the “drop it” command for additional training. 
    • Does your dog hate “fetching?” Below are some simple training tips.

Once your dog has reliably responded to a step, move to the next one.

    • Start by throwing high value treats one at a time.
    • Then add a cue + the treat (“fetch,” “get it,” etc.)
    • Then place the same treat in a Kong or something similar and toss a short distance + the cue.
    • Keep repeating and praising (a (LOT) until you can graduate to just the toy without the treat. 
  • Tug-of-War
  • Put It Away
    • Ask your dog to put all his toys and bones “away” in a specific basket or box.
Task-Oriented Games

Typical Breeds: Terriers, Hounds/Scent Hounds, Herding & Working 

  • Find It
  • Dig Here
    • Point out small rodent holes (they will offer scents) and encourage your dog to dig with the cue “dig here.” 
  • Herding
  • While training, use a 20-30 foot-long leash like Liz Shaw in this YouTube video.
  • Puzzle-Solving 
  • Use a food cube toy that dispenses treats, DIY Bottle Kibble Toy, a stuffed Kong toy, etc.
  • Tricks
    • There is no limit to the tricks you can teach your dog! And again, it is a fun way to train your dog to do new behaviors. 

Click on any of the resources below to find tricks to teach your dog!


Now, go grab your dog and have some fun!

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