With the emergence of the Coronavirus, many of us are giving a lot more thought – and action – to proactively protecting our health. But did you know that the average home has many toxic products that can poison your beloved pets? Keep reading to find the dangers and pet poisons in your very own home, often hiding in plain sight!

Pet Toxins are Everywhere

Every year the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center reveals the “Top 10 Pet Toxins” lurking in the average home! From the rooms inside your home to the garage and yard, your pet can be poisoned by a variety of common items. 

The latest numbers from the APCC (from 2019) reveal 229,223 reported cases of potential pet poisonings, which is the highest to date. Pet poisons are an easily avoidable problem. Pet owners need to be knowledgeable and proactive to protect their pets!

The Top 10 Pet Toxins of 2019 included:

(Last year chocolate moved up from #5 to #4.)

Click on the links below to learn more about each category:

Pet Toxins: There IS an App for That!

It’s easier than ever to learn what items are toxic for dogs, cats, birds, and even horses with the free mobile app from the APCC. It lists more than 300 everyday toxic hazards including foods, plants, medications, warm and cold weather hazards and common hazards in the home. Also included are:

  • Images
  • Symptoms
  • Toxicity levels
  • Critical next steps
  • And most importantly, a one-touch speed dial to the Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) for immediate expert health if your pet, or one you are caring for, may have been possibly poisoned. 

Taking a few moments to download this app to your smartphone could mean the difference between life and death for your pet with a potential poisoning. 

Final Note

While not listed in the top 10 Pet Toxins, it is important to mention another new pet toxinwith recent culture changes.  

Marijuana is becoming more accepted in our culture and homes. But it is also a deadly toxin for your pet and should always be kept out of reach from your pet’s curious nose and mouth. Neither marijuana nor marijuana edibles are safe for your pet! 

Hemp products (which do not contain the mind-altering chemical THC) contains the active medicinal compound called CBD. While usually safe for most pets, it should be used responsibly and under the advice of your veterinarian. 

Even if you do not use these products personally, marijuana and products with CBD may be in places you and your dog visit, including homes of friends, family or neighbors, businesses and even in public parks and more. 

Always be mindful and keep your pet safe from pet poisons, and accidental poisoning!

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