The health benefits of daily dog walks are not just for your dog! 

Regular walks, especially with the stress of dealing with COVID-19, offer positive health benefits to you and your dog! Plus, it is something you can do to spend time with your dog while still adhering to social distancing measures.

K9 Health Benefits from Daily Walks

Leaving your dog in your fenced backyard does not fulfill his need for “exercise.” Your dog needs active engagement with walking or some other kind of activity.

  • Daily walks engage your dog mentally and physically with smells, sounds and sights. Exercise and exploration are a vital part of their DNA. 
  • A walked dog is a happy dog and less likely to engage in bad or destructive behaviors.  
  • Aim for daily walks. Even if you walk 3 times a week for 30-minutes, your dog can enjoy a lower weight by as much as 15%!
  • Regular daily exercise (along with a good diet) helps your dog maintain his ideal weight and reduces extra stress on his joints, heart and lungs. It will also:
    • Improve your dog’s overall muscle tone.
    • Maintain a strong cardiovascular system; and
    • Build endurance and stamina.
  • Daily dog walks also enhance the bond between you and them. This is critical in maintaining a foundation of trust and respect, and goes a long way when dog training. 
  • Have an athletic dog? Challenge them with a backpack, trail running, jogging, or running alongside a bicycle to burn off excess energy! Check with your vet first to make sure your dog is ready to handle the extra physical exertion!


K9 Owner: Health Benefits from Daily Dog Walks

Many of the benefits your dog will enjoy with daily walks will also benefit your health! Even if you walk just 3 times a week for 30-minutes each time, you can also see: 

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower your weight by 5%
  • Stronger joints, muscles and bones
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased serotonin and dopamine levels helping to combat depression, anxiety and sleep issues
Dog Walks: Safety First!
  • Use a 4-to-6 foot leash to keep effective control during walks. Leave the retractable leash at home. 
  • Exercise during the cooler parts of the day, and avoid exercising in high humidity. Avoid hot pavements, concrete sidewalks, and asphalt parking lots to protect your dog’s paws.
  • Always carry plenty of fresh, clean water for your dog (and yourself).
  • If your dog is overweight or not used to regular daily walks, start small and ease up to 30 minutes to prevent injuries or K9 heatstroke. If you have an out-of-shape dog, consult with your veterinarian first before starting a new exercise routine. 
  • Ensure safe dog walks with these basic commands:
    • Sit beside you at an intersection
    • Slow or back when your dog begins to pull
    • No or leave it when they spot wildlife or another dog

If you need help with basic dog training or these commands, reach out to a local dog trainer or behaviorist first. 

  • Learn – and look for — the signs your dog is getting tired, overheated or showing signs of lameness. Most dogs will push past their limits, so know what is best for your dog and when to call it quits. 

Now, go grab that leash, get walking and feel amazing!

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