This past week, March 1st through March 7th, was Professional Pet Sitters Week.
What is Professional Pet Sitters Week?

Professional Pet Sitters Week was introduced in 1995 by the organization Pet Sitters International (PSI). PSI is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet-care providers. This week allows us to highlight the importance of using professional pet-care services. It also helps us promote the viability of pet sitting as a career. Furthermore, this week gives us, as a professional pet sitting business, the opportunity to celebrate the value of the professional pet sitters that work year round to offer the highest quality pet care possible.

What is the main reason we celebrate it?

We love our sitters! Ashley’s Pawsome Pet Sitting currently has a team of 7 incredible sitters: Analisa, Cydney, Elyn, Faith, Gina, Sarah, and Tyler. Our sitters come from many different backgrounds. The team are all trained professionals ready to care for your pets! Although we want our sitters to always feel appreciated, we took the opportunity, in honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, to make our sitters feel extra special.

We kicked off the week by sharing our first ever blog post – “Why Should I Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?”. This blog serves to share with our clients what makes hiring a professional pet sitter special. It is very different from hiring an app-based pet sitter, family/friends/neighbors, or a hobby sitter.

We gave all of our sitters the opportunity to create a video of themselves sharing what they love most about pet sitting. We shared those videos with you on our social media sites throughout the week! Sitters Cydney and Analisa were featured there. We also shared messages from manager Lauren, and owner Ashley.

On Thursday, Ashley drove around Davis and Woodland surprising her sitters and managers with pet-themed gift bags.  She went everywhere from sitter’s homes to their other places of work – One of which was an equestrian center!

We enjoyed celebrating Professional Pet Sitters Week this year! We hope to make next year even more special for our sitters, who deserve all of the recognition in the world.

If you are a client of Ashley’s Pawsome Pet Sitting and have a sitter you appreciate, please let us know so we can give them some extra love!