When I was growing up, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a professional pet sitter. My parents always “hired” neighbors or childhood friends to care for our pets when we left town.

Most often than not, we arrived home disappointed. Either our animals hadn’t been cared for to our standards or our home hadn’t been left how we had hoped for (or had asked for), among other things.

It wasn’t until I began working for a professional pet sitting company in college that I realized I needed to hire a professional pet sitter for my own pets. I got trained and spent countless hours furthering my pet care education, so why shouldn’t my pet sitters do the same?

It seems like everywhere you look there are new advertisements for professional pet sitters or dog walkers, so who can a pet owner trust? Pet owners who want the best care for their best friend should choose to hire a professional pet sitter, and here are my top three reasons why:

Reason one:

A professional pet sitting company has its own business insurance and bonding. This means that the company’s sitters are covered under the company’s liability insurance. The business purchased a bond to protect clients in the unlikely event of theft or property damage, which means all your belongings will be protected!

Reason two:

A professional pet sitting company will ask clients to complete a service contract. You will know the pet sitter’s policies beforehand, be able to ask questions, and be able to feel comfortable that you are on the same page as your pet care professional before you leave town or go to work each day

Reason three:

A pet sitting professional offers pet sitting and/or dog walking as their primary business – Which means your pets are his or her priority! Professional pet sitters have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and invest in continuing education to ensure that they provide the best service and care for their clients (both human and pet!).

By hiring a pet care professional, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pets are receiving the best possible care while you are away. Keep Ashley’s Pawsome Pet Sitting in mind for your pet sitting needs in the near future!